Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Archives, Movies recently viewed, & Miles' Health

Almost Done!

As of right now, I am nearing completion of the old blog updates. It was actually made easier with the realization that not all would need so much work. I knew I wanted to add an introductory pic for each entry, and a lot were missing, but that’s relatively easy, it’s the text that is the labor.

I have been using this basic “format” since about August of last year, and even before that, I used only a slightly modified version of what I’m currently using. So theoretically, once I get to about June 2007, I’m all but through. I say
theoretically because had I gone straight through chronologically, that would be true. However once I skipped ahead to see where I’d have to go to, I started just fixing those small issues to break the monotony of the full-fix entries…

So right now, I have about 2 months of full-fixers, and say one month of slight-fixers.

Seen 2 movies, no reviews
I have seen both Atonement & We Own the Night, and not blogged about either. Those are forthcoming, don’t worry. But I think they will wait until I’m done with the archival updates.

On a sadder note
Miles had been looking a little injured a few days ago. Wasn’t sure, couldn’t figure it out, but he seemed to get suddenly better, I figured maybe he was constipated, who knows. Anyway, off to the beach yesterday, and now he really is injured. Threw the ball along the sand, and I guess he twisted his front right ankle in a funky motion to grab the ball off the ground as re ran passed it.

He’s doing better this morning already, but still….

I was talking with
The Girl about how I react differently when Zoey & Miles get injured. I do tend to act more “concerned” when Miles is involved. And it’s not that I don’t care about Zoey, it’s that I know Zoey is young and it’s “just” and injury. Miles is 11-½ years old; is this “just” and injury, or the beginning of the end, you know? So yeah, I am always very concerned with his health, because the older he gets, the less likely he is to bounce back. I know this. I don’t want to admit it, but I know it.

I mean, a week sidelined? No problem for a young dog. For him? He’s really active, but if he has to go a week just sitting around, then it takes a bigger toll on him. The next time out he may injure something else.

I may need to get him on a stretching regimen. Maybe enroll him in Yoga classes or something.


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