Monday, January 1, 2001

random bob returns to the blogspot: Beware, the end is nigh

Dudes. OK so here’s the thing: I have been blogging sporadically for the past few years. Mundane things; you know.
I’ve changed my hosting a few times. Started on blogspot, didn’t like the lack of control, moved to iWeb (what’s that, you’re saying? NOT a blog platform, that’s what), moved to RapidWeaver (what’s that, you’re saying? NOT a good blog platform, that’s what), and now finally have moved back to where I should have stayed, blogger (formerly known as blogspot).
Problem: how do you move blogs around from incompatible platforms? Answer: you either a) don’t, or b) hand-transfer each post. The first few times I did it, I had maybe >100 posts at most, so I just did it the hard way and copied over – by hand – my posts into the new platform of choice. This time however, I have/had ~600 posts. And without spending $15-20, I’m unable to adequately move my posts from my last platform BACK to blogger. So this time, it’s probably going to be option a).
Deal with it :-)
I will probably be able to move some over, but I’m not going to try and move the whole of them, that would just be too daunting. Maybe I’ll get some of the newer entries over. Maybe. I’ve been known to have a lazy streak.
Also you should note that should I decide to do that, I will backdate this post as much as necessary to make sure it's the FIRST post of the new account. (originally written August 19th, 2009 though).

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