Thursday, June 3, 2010

BP. Just, Wow. Wow.

Are we over it yet? I mean, really. Does “Electric vehicles” really sound all that bad now? If this had to happen, I’m glad it happened in the southern states, all the ones who supported the whole “drill baby, drill” schlep. How sad.
Take a look at these pics. Just birds mind you, but can you imagine? What’s it spewing out, 3-5,000k barrels a day of this stuff? This is what happens with corporations, this is what happens when you put profit – a $number in front of the ‘human’ & environmental components – you sully everything around you including your name & your very reason for existence.
I hope British Petroleum burns in oily hell. And I hope all that support “drill baby, drill” above “let’s innovate our way out of oil dependency” get to join them. What’s so bad about being labeled Green? Sure seems to trump being covered in reddish-brown death.

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