Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Republicans spit in the face of the Average American

This is why I vote Democrat. The Republicans want to cut taxes permanently, but it’s only the taxes on… large organizations & the wealthiest 5% of the population. See? See where this is wrong? We’re supposed to be a nation of equals, yet the republicans keep taking the “equal” from the middle and lower classes, and reapportioning it to the richest.

Those that need it the least.

I just don’t get how anyone that’s NOT in that top 5% wealth bracket can actually suffer through the republicans’ horrendous financial agenda. Look you dweebs, if you want to restart the economy, you have to put the most money in the most peoples’ hands. Enriching the already-wealthy at the expense of the perennially-unwealthy only further serves to widen the rich-poor divide in this country. We’re constantly rewarding the people at the top of the money chain, and usually those people are there because they fleeced everyone below them. I mean, GM’s
former CEO walks with a $20-mil pension, after he took his company from the largest, most profitable auto manufacturer in the world, and led it into bankruptcy? HE deserves a tax break?

If you make less than $250K a year and you vote republican, you’re officially a dumbass. There, I said it.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are pushing to
curb the pay of the CEOs who f*cked up the whole damned economy. That makes sense to me. If you needed a handout because you’re an idiot and can’t run a company, you shouldn’t be getting paid out the wazoo, right? Right.

So: if you’re making less than $250K a year and you vote republican, you’re a dumbass. There, I said it again.

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