Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Bob: The Demo-publican. Republi-crat? Eh

Fiscally conservative, that would be me. I vote democrat mostly because I think the money can work itself out, whereas civil liberties & personal freedoms cannot.

But I am cringing (and have been since October) over what the democrats are doing with these bailouts. Their hearts might be in the right place, but they are not thinking this through. They’re supposed to be the party for the majority of hard-working Americans, right? Well F*CK, man; I work hard, and housing is still too expensive! So what’re you gonna do to help?

Keep people who paid too much in their homes by
having lenders alter the contracts. Sounds nice and all for those poor folk who were stupid enough to buy too much house. But what about everyone else who’s trying to afford one? They’re keeping the root problem around: over-inflated housing costs. Now those homes will retain more value. And since I’m pretty sure they’re not going to track how much the loans actually value the properties at, we’re going to be left with stats that show only what it sold for. Which, was that over-inflated price. Which will keep neighborhoods artificially high.

This isn’t helping the most Americans. They’re doing this wrong.

really need to be President.

And hey, a free house comes with the deal.

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