Friday, February 6, 2009

Random Bob shoves roof back up... Somewhere

Damn that damned housing lender!
So, about that property we’ve been looking into. It’s not looking as up as we had felt it might be at the outset.

And really, it’s the bank’s fault. Not
our bank, though they’re becoming an irritation (not you, Lori).

It’s a short sale, so the guy owes the bank more than the property is worth. We made an offer even below that figure, and we’re in a holding pattern until –
apparently – they decide to let someone pay them some money, which is odd because I thought banks were all about money, right? Right?

We thought –
we thought! – that today was the deadline for them to accept our offer over any other offers. We signed a piece of paper called the “Short Sale Addendum” that stated that they had the right to entertain other offers until today, at which time our offer was the bee’s knees (I have no idea where that saying comes from. Oh, wait. Here you go). Turns out, that the date on that paper was more or less, just a date on a paper, and nothing more really. It came, it went, and no one knows any more about the inner workings of this bank’s process than we did three weeks ago.

Who would have thought you’d have to twist a bank’s arm so damned much to give them money. Here I am, trying to bail them out with dollars, and they’re dragging their feet.

Silver lining…
We’re in this mess because I re-sodded the back lawn. No, seriously. It’s the jinx of it. We had started looking into properties in December, and when they didn’t pan out? Well, during The Girl’s leave of absence early last month, I took the time to tear up the old, dead lawn that we inherited when we moved here, and got the ground in good order and then reseeded it. Day after, two homes come up on the market that are in our price range and decent. Clearly, God was playing with me: Had I left the lawn alone, the homes would not have come to market. But since I started work that would take months to fruit, clearly now’s the time to make 30-day plans to move out. Clearly.

Well, I didn’t go through with reseeding the whole of the back yard (there’s some barked areas I was contemplating ripping up, but stopped short. It
is just a rental). And thusly, we’re in limbo now. BUT, since we might be here awhile, now I might get to reap the rewards of the seeds I’ve sewn (cue applause for awesome placement of old sayings. A tear would be a nice touch, too).

…to a dark cloud
We’re in a rental now as you’re aware, because if nothing else, I just told you that. Well we had a major plumbing issue crop up last month that we haven’t really taken full care of yet – because we thought we were about to move anyway – and that means that we’ll probably have to have the landlord out to fix it.

Which means, he’ll get to see the place. This is bad.

Not because we’re dirty people. We’re clean! But we’re clean people with 4 dogs. Only two of which he actually knows about. Yes, yes. That’s the problem. Well, that and the carpet. Which isn’t all that bad! But keep in mind: 4 dogs. And the carpet, as you might have gathered if you read
this entry, is berber. Which snags, rips up, and generally looks like ass, especially if you have pets.

Um, yeah. That’s about all I have to say.

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