Sunday, March 1, 2009

Smart Dogs

For the past two months or so we’ve been using a baby gate to contain the dogs inside of the kitchen (which has access to the backyard). Basically just keeping them from having full run of the house when we’re away.

We’d noticed that for awhile now when we get home, the gate is down. We figured they were probably rough-housing and pushed it off the door frame. No biggie, we moved it to the other side of the divide on the frame, and that would prevent it from being pushed out, right?

Well, yeah, actually.
But it didn’t solve the overriding issue.

They still have full run of the house even with the gate on that side. Because, they’re smart. They’ve learned how to remove it from the door frame, regardless of position. If we put it outside, they push. If we put it inside, they pull.

We figured this out for sure last night. Because when
The Girl got home last night, the dogs were out. This despite the fact that not only did she put the baby gate up, she placed an old, heavy nightstand in front of it.

They pushed both right out of the way. The smart little bastards.

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