Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ahhh.... Politics!

McCain Brings up Race card, to tell us that Obama Brought up Race Card First!
From a recent article in the New York Times:

By the day’s end, Mr. McCain proclaimed that he did not want to dwell on the issue either, although he repeated his campaign’s central charge that his probable opponent had injected race into their battle.

“He brought up the issue of race; I responded to it,” Mr. McCain told reporters in Panama City, Fla. “I don’t want that issue to be part of this campaign. I’m ready to move on. And I think we should move on.”

Let me Translate: “Well, I only brought race up because
he brought race up. I don’t want to talk about it (ignore that I’m still talking about it); I want to move on, so let’s not talk about it anymore! Oh hey, did you guys know that Obama’s BLACK?!?! Oh, and he brought race into this debate. NEXT QUESTION!”

Or I could be
even more contracted while still being accurate: “he started it!”

Seems to me that someone’s talking about race more than someone else…
Mr. McCain, I’m looking at you.

The Official Response
The Official Response from Obama has been more or less to try and take race right back out of the campaign; Instead of doing like McCain and going “nuh-uh, not me, he started it,” he simply stated that he didn’t think McCain was being racist, he was being cynical & negative.

And hey, despite my
reservations about the guy, this is the one thing that I definitely like about him: he stays on topic. I wish he’d get more in-depth on the topics, but he doesn’t let the debates slide into name-calling, he prefers to keep it on-target, and make people aware of the what the issues are, instead of looking to Britney Spears for Presidential Influence. WTF?

WTF? Britney Spears?
Yeah. See, the Republican Campaign is running a spot where they compare Obama to Britney. You know, because they clearly have so much in common. The color of thei… oh wait, no. Their hairdo is almost exac… nope, uh… oh! Got it: Their singing voices sound eerily simi… wait, no? Dammit, yeah I don’t get it either.

However, McCain does use an old Republican tactic at the very end, making a dig on the Dems for “Raising taxes.” See, they take a small truth, and then make up a complete fabrication about it. They lie, is what I’m saying, using a semi-truthful lead-in. Oh, and somehow because he doesn’t support oil digging off our coastlines or the Alaskan Wildnerness, he wants to keep us tied to foreign oil? Ha, I think he’s got the wrong shoe on the wrong foot, no? Anyone have a mirror handy I could hand to the republicans? No? Anyway, the tax thing:

  • The lead-in: Obama will raise taxes.

  • The Fabrication: YOUR taxes will GO THROUGH THE ROOF

  • The Actuality: Yeah, Obama has (like most every democrat) proposed higher taxes. Well, not really. He’s proposed getting rid of the repeal of the taxes on the rich that bush (capitalization purposeful) and his crony republicans put into effect. A tax that only gets charged to people making over $250K a year. Is that you? No? Then you see the mislead: Obama Raising taxes somehow is going to affect YOU. Which, uh, probably isn’t, seeing as how a very small percentage of people make that much.

Sigh. I wish we could stay on topic and actually debate the issues as they are, without false lead-ins and such. If you’re FOR keeping that tax on the ultra-rich permanently repealed,
then say so. Say it proud if you really are for it. Because if you’re not proud of your stance on it, then either change your stance or shut the f*ck up about it and stop lambasting your competition for their stance on it (which I fully support).

Ultimate Government Control: We’re getting closer
From a story in Yahoo! News this morning. Oh my god. Now, Border Agents can take your computer and electronic equipment and keep it indefinitely. That means, that nice $2,000 laptop you bought? Gone. As is all the information on it. You can’t lean on anyone to get it back. Because bush (capitalization purposeful) and his cronies have essentially said that you have no real rights, and if you thought you did, well you’re wrong mister!

We’re like, two short steps away from a military state, people. Seen
V for Vendetta? I suggest you watch it.

Seriously? McCain 2008? How about Republicans
never. I like my rights, thank you very much. And sh!t, I’d like them back, please. A**holes.

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