Thursday, August 7, 2008

So about that Tacoma...

We went out to the Dealership to take a drive, get a feel, poke around and make sure that it would fit the bill eventually. Mostly wanted to take a seat in the back seats, and compare the feel of the 4-doors to the Access Cabs. 4-Doors for the win, baby, not even a question about it. The rear seating in the Access Cabs could make Stretch Armstrong feel cramped. The actual test drive was good, too. The engine has good pick-up, though it’s not a match for The Girl’s Tundra. No awkward blind spots, no General Dislikes, really. Has a port for my iPod – which is awesome – and push-button 4-Wheel Drive with locking Diffs, which makes it truly awesome in the sand (which we do frequent).

We ran the numbers with the guy, to get a feel for what they would be willing to do with us on the price, more than anything. Also see what promotions we could get into. He ran back & forth for us (a real nice guy, by the way), and we found a setup that almost worked for us, believe it or not. The monthly payments were close, but they wanted more down than we were willing to go with (see
comments here for the details). So I thought I’d make quicker work of the day if I told them that we almost liked those numbers, but we needed them to come down on the price so that a down payment closer to our desired level could be achieved without upping the monthly payments, and add in some options that we needed as well (Additional Front Skid Plate, Roof Rack, & Running Boards).

The idea was that they’d say no we can’t do that, then I could “give them my card” and tell them that when/if they get those numbers to work, they’d have a sale, and to call me. At which point they’d sit on it for a week or so, and cave in so that they have the sale before the month’s up (and I’ve potentially gone elsewhere).

I didn’t actually think they’d just do it on the spot. What the hell? Now I’m the new, proud owner of a Silver Toyo Tacoma. Man, F*ck.

Sucks, huh? :-D

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