Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Little House of Horrors

Next week, two horrors will visit themselves upon me: Mother-in-law will be in town, and I will also be without my computer.

Mother-in-law visits
This is actually the lesser of the two horrors wrought upon me. I mean, mother-in-law is mother-in-law, but as far as they go, mine ain’t that bad. It does put a kibosh on certain husbandly duties I might have wanted to subject the wife to (“you know what to do, baby”). But hey, at least it comes with the bonus of a few more days off.


Yes, I know, I have had a lot of vacation recently. I’ve earned it, leave me alone. And hell, I won’t even begin to tell you about how I actually had to come in a day early from my last vacation and I’m getting shorted two days on top of it all. Yup, I could have had TWO MORE days off had things not gone awry at work recently, necessitating my hurried return – they just can’t do without me. But like I said, mother-in-law comes to town, I get a handful of more days off. Yay me.

The trouble for me really comes in when I have to go without my porn machine – er, computer.

My Computer goes in for repair
So remember how I had mentioned a few days ago that my soon-to-be-awesome Snow Leopard installation didn’t quite end up awesome after all? Yeah, that. Well the local techs are out of town until the 28th, which means that my fastest road to Snow Leopard is actually to have my computer mailed out for repair.

Don’t worry, warranty and free of cost.

It’s actually not as bad as that sentence might make it out to sound. I have Apple, remember. I call, we decide that yes indeed, the optical drive is kaput, and they overnight – YES, OVERNIGHT – an empty box – YES, an empty box – for me to pack my computer into. Monday, I will send it back out – yeah overnight, how’d you guess? – and I expect it should be back by Thursday.

But MAN, this will suck. This is probably my last blog update until I get it back. Yes, I know that the internets continue on without my laptop, and I could even – GASP! – get online from someone else’s. But it’s just not the same… Which means that for the better part of a week, I’ll be unable to keep tabs on how cool I am on my Facebook or my myspace or what, you know? And f*ck, actually check email? Online? Without a client? Yeah right. Hope no one sends nothing important between now and then.

And what the hell am I doing for porn? Man, this week is going to seriously suck. No hanky, no computer (no porn), and no porn.

Wake me in October.

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