Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apple Releases new MacBook Lineup

What I like about the new Apple MacBook lineup
The MacBooks – even the bottom dwellers – are now all-aluminum. This is awesome because having had an aluminum PowerBook before, I can attest that they’re much easier to keep clean. They are also LED-lit, which makes them brighter, and also means that they will be “instant-on,” meaning no delay from the time they light to the time they are full-brightness. Also: they ALL have backlit keys now! Like like like!

One of the things I think I LOVE about the news guys is that they did away with the standard trackpad. Now they’re made of glass, and instead of having a button at the bottom, the whole thing is a button. Click anywhere and it’s a click! Simple! Ought to make clicking & dragging especially easy.

What I dislike about the new Apple MacBook lineup
There are downsides, however. Number one is price. They seem to have gotten more expensive, which is a boo-hoo for me. The other is the fact that the processor speeds are actually slower than the last iterations. The top-end is the same, but the entry-level is now 2.0ghz, where before it was 2.2ghz.

This is partly made up for with the faster graphics processor and also the faster memory bus, but still – couldn’t you have at least stuck with the same speeds, Apple?

And, that’s it for my short list of dislikes.

Buying decisions
It’s been only about a year since I bought my current laptop. Is it worth replacing? No. I like the upgrades, and I shall have them in due time. However there’s not enough lacking in my current rig to really warrant the handful of $100’s that it would take to get the new guys.

So, I’ll wait. Unless I can find a sucker willing to purchase mine for close to the original purchase price. Any takers? It’ll be a collector’s item soon enough: Black MacBook? They don’t even make them anymore!

No? No one? Dammit.

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