Wednesday, October 8, 2008

That One!

Yes Senator McCain, that’s right: That One. That One is the the one we’ll all be voting for. That One is the one that has a vision that helps us all out. That One is the one that hasn’t put politics above their own moral outlook; I mean, talk about flip-flopping! Anymore you’re opposed to who you were just two years ago, in the arena of tax cuts for the rich, regulation, you name it.

That One. Yes, Senator McCain, That One. That One is the one that, according to the map here, has well over 300 electoral votes already, while you have less than 200. Yikes. And this map shows a similar story.

So while you’re busy lying about – well, pretty much
everything – in order to shore up a base that really isn’t worth shoring up in the first place, the rest of us – the REAL moral majority – are going to go ahead and vote for That One.

Senator McCain, you’ve never been more right before in your life.

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