Thursday, June 11, 2009

Conan O'brien is not funny

It’s supposed to be higher-level comedy. Or so I’m told. But holy hell, I just can’t get into the guy. He’s not funny, he’s just awkward. Hell there’s nothing wrong with being tall dude, but damn, you gotta tell some jokes that actually land once in a while if you’re going to be a comedian.

It used to be – in the era of
Dave vs Leno – that I’d start the night watching Leno. Yes I’ll admit it, on his own I think that Leno is actually funnier; his monologue is better, and I liked most of his skits better than Dave’s, and loved Headlines especially (Stupid Human Tricks? Not so much, Dave). Then when that second commercial break came, it was off to watch Letterman. Why? Because when it comes to guest interaction, Dave makes every interview fun. Especially the odd ones, the awkwards, the just plain rude & nasty ones.

Now though, Dave just plain has the upper hand. I’m not sure where Conan O’brien fits. But I think it’s definitely
not The Tonight Show.

Being funny-looking isn’t enough, Conan. You’re not funny. That’s what’s missing from your act – comedy. Think I’m being harsh? Think it’s wrong to just blithely say
Conan O’Brien is not funny? OK then, you made me do this. You made me link you to some good Conan Tonight Show goodness. Enjoy, b*tches.

There. It’s over now. Don’t ever make me do that again.

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  1. Conan o'brien is not funny at all and never will be...................


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