Thursday, April 3, 2008

3 Movies, down, 3 reviews to go, & 5 FREE movies!

Seen THREE movies; no reviews yet

I have seen three movies since last I updated; you’ll notice that there haven’t been any reviews. They are forthcoming.

What were the special flicks? One was
Rocky Balboa, another was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and the other was American Psycho.

How they came to be
The first two showed up as they should have, from Netflix. The third was a surprise last night, as we didn’t have any movies scheduled to show up. And it wasn’t from Netflix.

When we bought
our Blu-Ray Player oh-so long ago, they were running a promotion for 5 free movies. Hell I like free. So yeah we filled out the paperwork, sent away… and waited. And waited some more. We waited for so long we damn-near forgot that at some point we were supposed to get free movies.

Until yesterday, when they finally showed up. Yay us!

The others are… (drumroll please)
We also received Chain Reaction, S.W.A.T., Swordfish, & The Prestige. All except for The Prestige are born losers, of course. This was not our fault.

5 free movies sounds like a lot of fun. Except they don’t give you any 5 free movies of your choice. Oh no, they have 5 “categories,” if you will, and you have to select one from each of the 5 “categories,” as they were. Now these aren’t “categories” as in Horror, Action, etc. No, these are “categories” like A- choose from these 4 sucky movies, B-choose from these 7 sucky movies, C-choose from these 5 corny-ass sucky movies, etc.

So as you see, we did the best we could. Hey I’m just glad something the
caliber of The Prestige was even on the list.


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