Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Symphony, the trackpad, and the heist of my change

Off to the Symphony tonight

Yeah it’s true, random bob & The Girl are gettin’ cultured and sh!t! Ain’t that the damnedest!

We’ve actually been planning it awhile now. Well not really. Kinda. Kinda-sorta. Anyway. See what it was is that we love the idea of going to these types of concerts (Mozart’s on tap tonight). We’ve never actually been though. But there’s a really nice theatre in town and we wanted to make time for it at some point, so we put into our calendar some events they had in
their calendar. Just so happens that last week it became apparent that this event and our schedules collided; we had the time & the opportunity, so we pulled the trigger and bought us some tickets.

Mozart better be damn good after all this trouble! Ha. Hey I know he’s good it was just a joke, c’mon. I have tons of Mozart in my
iTunes library. Yeah. Culture, see?

Retraining myself
Nothing special or important. I’ve been a heavy mouse user even since the day I opted for laptop over desktop. Today I decided that it’s really not that more convenient. I’m trying to retrain myself to use the trackpad instead.

So far it’s going OK. Not great, just OK. And I’m not sure how much of that is due to the fact that in the back of my mind, I know the mouse is only a hand’s grab away.

Random bob gets published online (somewhere else)
I recently had an issue with a certain credit card company. Armed Forces Bank, this one’s for you!

You see, I started my credit history with them. But they make it so difficult to get a better limit or rate that I just never bothered, I mean hell I have like 10 credit cards, so what’s the point? I just stopped using theirs for the most part, breaking it out occasionally so that it would still be valid and have a history. Well I left a small credit balance on there for some months without thinking much of it. Then I used the card after a long hiatus. Well come to find out what I owed didn’t match my books! Turns out they had “written off” my credit balance.

So basically, I left them in charge of a few cents of mine, and then they stole it from me. This didn’t seem right, and when I called they essentially said they would not help me unless I paid $3 a month for all the months backwards of the last 3 for research costs. Nice. Well they stole my money, then tried to get me to pay more money to have them tell me they stole my money, and I cancelled. And then sent a line to
The Consumerist. You may have heard of them before, I have a link on the side of the page there and I think most everyone ought to read it daily.

Well, wouldn’t you know it? They eventually
ran with my story. Turns out AFB isn’t the only ones doing it, as another gent got the same treatment from Wachovia.

So uh, yeah. Check your statements closely. Apparently rolling in money won’t stop your banks from stealing your pocket-change.


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