Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Headache/creatine, & Obama for President!

The headache continues…

I think it might be related to a recent change in my ‘diet,’ actually. See I wanted to try a newer creatine product to help my lifting. This stuff was supposed to be more potent, aid more in uptake by the body. Well it might be working too good.

See, creatine essentially works by helping your muscles hold more water. This helps weightlifters because it basically gives their muscles the reserves necessary to get that “one more rep” out, and really tear down the muscle fibers more, so that the rebuilding process has more to do. More rebuilding, more mass! Well I think that my headache – that has now lasted 3 days straight – might be a function of dehydration in the parts of my body that
are not muscle. Yesterday, not only did I have the headache, but I also had aching in my hamstrings. I started to think it might be dehydration and began drinking a lot of water, which by the beginning of the evening had helped to alleviate the headache and hamstring aching.

But I can only drink so much water at work, and when I got home I started feeling depleted again. The kicker was when I crawled in bed, I got a shiver and started… uh, shivering? Well anyway, my abs flexed, and they flexed
hard, so hard in fact that they cramped up and I couldn’t get them to release for a few seconds. And at that point, I realized that for sure, I do not have enough water in my body.

Off the stuff
So I am going to stop taking the creatine, at least for a little while. See if it’s the X-factor or not. I think so, but I like to test. I’ll be drinking lots of water today, no creatine, try to drown the cramps & headache in wa-wa. I think it’s going to work.

The last straw, Clinton?
Clinton wonders why people defected to Obama. Well let’s see… Might playing up the gas tax break for Summer – which serves no real purpose and is against almost everything else we deem important, like the environment and the attempt to break our oil habit – be a hint?

I’m proud of Obama for his stance. He’s right in that realistically, it won’t solve any real problems. It would save me a whopping $100 over those 3 months. Meanwhile, it just might aid in putting more pollutants into the atmosphere, and really just give the gas manufacturers more reason to raise prices as they see fit.

All this fronting & maxing… it’s politics. Obama has gained a backing because he doesn’t want to play politics as usual, and a lot of people respect that. I respect that. This may be the final straw for me.



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