Sunday, April 13, 2008

Movies, Movies, and more Movies!

Seen: Rocky

If you’ve seen the first one, you’ve seen the last one, only better. There’s things that strike me, though.

Like, how full of himself Mr. Stallone must really be. I mean, he really wants people to root for him real bad. He wants to be everyone’s hero, which I can understand myself, but man… 6 movies? About a chump named Rocky? More than anything, it seemed to me that Rocky 7,000 or whatever was mostly a vehicle for him to show us how good the
HGH is doing for him.

It wasn’t bad, but there was some corny sh!t. Like, stuff that was just in there so show a soft spot or to justify #7,001 or whatever episode this was. Aw, his wife died. Aw, his kid is a chump. Aw, he still hangs out with his wife’s loser brother. Well sh!t, take your shirt off and beat a black man! That’ll make it all better!

Speaking of chump kids, this
Milo Guy is really kind of a shitty actor. I mean, he kinda gets by as a two-bit act on Heroes (that Lost Clone I no longer watch), but to me it seemed he really stunk up the big screen. It wasn’t all his fault, they wrote him in as a real bitch of a character, but he didn’t help matters any. Every time he spoke I felt that I should yawn or change the channel or something, look for a commercial maybe. Kinda hard when you’re watching a disc.

It’s completely passable. And by that I do not mean that it passes as a watchable flick so much as I mean that it can totally be bypassed and not only will life continue to dredge on, but it might actually be a little rosier. I’ll give it some bonus points for the Rocky Theme Music, because that totally rocks, but still it’s pulling up the rear with a paltry

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
We rented this movie because I stumbled across it on the list of available titles. We had wanted to see it when it first came out, but somehow managed to forget about it entirely. What a shame too, because it’s actually quite good!

Well it was to me, anyway.
The Girl did not so much care for it as the random bob did. I thought it was darkly funny, had a good story that kept you engaged, and the acting was overall well-acted…? No but it was, with the possible exception of the main character. Robert Downey Jr is a passable actor, but having seen him in this and also A Scanner Darkly recently, I can’t figure out why they went and cast him for the lead in the upcoming Iron Man movie. It still looks hella-cool, but I’m just not sure that he’s the best choice for it is all. He was annoying enough as a supporting character in “Darkly,” and although better in “Bang Bang,” I could see someone else doing a better job.

Anyway, back to
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Look, I think you should see it. It’s got a good plot. The acting’s good. And if you care or need it, there’s a hot chick in it that bares her breasts. I didn’t think it needed it, but hey I’m not going to turn my eyes, either. It may not change cinema, but not many do. Still though, A solid “A”-film I think.

American Psycho
Where to begin with this movie. I just don’t know…. OK, got it.

The acting was good. It has a decent-enough cast, headed up by
Christian Bale, whom I hate out of pure jealousy (him & Ryan Reynolds). And he delivers a great performance. But the thing was, I just didn’t care. As in, despite the good shows, nothing really drew me in. I just didn’t care about what was happening on the screen. Not a lick. Was kinda hoping it would end soon so I could just go to bed or something.

Now who’s fault is that? The storywriters? The Director? Editors? Maybe all. I just don’t know really, I can’t put my finger on what exactly it was that I didn’t really care about. I mean I guess it’s perhaps that there’s no real development of the main character. They introduce him as being crazy and knowing it, but there’s no background as to why he’s this way. And you watch the movie, sort of thinking that there will be some sort of climax and resolution (as this is typically what makes a story tick). Yet there is none. It ends. And worse, it ends and leaves you with questions that aren’t even hinted at through the film.

Was he crazy? Did he just imagine all the things he did? Did he do them and people just covered up for him? Hard to say, kind of ambiguous. Hellaciously ambiguous, actually. And that always irks me. There’s a rare few films I like that leave you “guessing” at the end. You have to do it right.
Total Recall comes to mind (was it all real? Or was it the dream he asked for?). Basic Instinct was OK. I don’t know, it seems there’s a ton of films in the wasteland that tried to pull it off and failed. And to that list, I have to add American Psycho.

I can’t rate it any better than a
straight C. It’s not that good. But if you had to sit and watch it, you could. Just, uh, try not to notice the hooker’s horrible haircut. It’s bad. Real bad.

And that concludes our Movie Reviews…
I thought I’d through these up right quick, before I had to come and say that I had no seen 4 movies and not said anything about them. Tonight after dinner we watch The Usual Suspects. It stars Kevin Spacey, back when we was making good movies instead of crap movies. I’ve seen it before, but it’s been a long time, and quite honestly I wasn’t following along all that well at the time. Hey, I was young and stupid then.


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