Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Junior Caramels, & the Time Capsule

For the First Time

Last night while at work, I had eaten all of the snacks & dinner that I had taken with me, and was still hungry. So I grabbed a snack. Heard of Junior Mints? Yeah well someone had purchased some Junior Caramels from me, and I was curious, so I bought some of my own. They’re pretty good! How to describe them? Well, you’ve had Milk Duds, right?

Here’s how I thought of it: I think Milk Duds are re-boxed Junior Caramels, with a caveat: When Junior Caramels get too old and turn stale and hard, then they go back and get re-boxed as Milk Duds. This is how it is, I am sure.

Finally got my Time Capsule
So last week, I got ahold of my Time Capsule finally. I know I said I’d have it by February, but it just didn’t happen quite as I had planned. Mostly because I was buying it through amazon, whom I had a $50 gift card through. And they were out of stock until recently.

And it’s not like we didn’t back up in that time. I have an old 160GB Firewire drive that we were using. But we were using it only occasionally, hence the beauty of and desire to get the Time Capsule: wireless, thought-free, automated backups.

It’s nice, though I just today got it working just right. It was working, just not "
just right." See, I had set it up in the office, but since that’s in the far corner of the house (where the laptops rarely – if ever – are), the data transfer speeds were suffering. Then I had the thought that I could set up the TC in the living room (where the laptops spend 90% of their time), and use the old routers to hook up the internet from the office and sound system in the living room, and “bridge” the two networks via the TC LAN port. Did I lose you? Yeah well don’t feel bad.

It took me the better part of two days to figure out why I couldn’t get it to actually work. To bore you more with details you probably don't understand, it was rooted in the fact that the old router in the living room that I was bridging the new TC to was in WDS remote mode, and for whatever reason, it would not pass the internet connection to the TC. Once I redid the old network and set it up as a WDS Relay, all was right with the world.

I actually stumbled across this thought while I was working out, strangely enough. Just sort of hit me to try that. Still not sure why it worked. Think maybe it has to be set up as relay so that all nodes hooked ot it see the network as "one device" basically. Might have been because I was all pumped up when I came in from the workout. Might have just scared the routers straight.

Ha ha, yeah that was a good one.


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