Wednesday, April 23, 2008

iPod death, & Country Woes

The Death of a Friend

Yesterday our trust iPod Nano died. It was a first-generation model, white, with a custom inscription. We mourn the loss. Mostly me though.

I was working a few nights ago, but I noticed on the way home the battery was running low, so I took it in to charge it. Yesterday I grabbed it on the way out the door, and sadly I noticed that it would not respond to any button commands. I tried to recharge it. I tried to reload the software. No dice. It does not want to recognize any button presses.

Sucky. Because my antenna is and has always been busted on the 4Runner, so the signal I get is lousy at best. That and even if it
did magically get decent signal, there’s not much in the way of radio worth hollering about around here.

Sigh. May finally be time to look into a new iPod. Sad.

Clinton Wins Penn
I really wish that people would wise up. What are you voting for? Did you decide who to vote for based on looks? Did someone talk a good game?

No I’m not saying that Obama is a bad contender. I’m actually more referring to the fact that recently it was
polled as such to reveal that McCain is about even in the race to the White House with the Democratic candidates.

Seriously America, where have you been the last eight years? Been around long? Not sure if you noticed, but nothing good has come from our “war” in Iraq. Al Queda is now a presence where it was not prior, and gas? Oh yeah, while our servicemen die, our prices for gas go to $4 a gallon. Nice.

I need to convince the area I call home to secede. We could be our own country. Or maybe convince us and everyone in between to just join Canada. I would not be opposed.


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