Friday, April 25, 2008

<i>What</i> Flour? & an Onion I actually LIKE

Note To Self:

Avoid Wheat flour at all costs. Remind The Girl to avoid wheat flour at all costs.

See it happened like this: She wanted to try something new, something healthier than our bleached (yet still 100%-Organic), white, plain ol’ flour. Fine I said, how bad can it be? They’re derivatives of one another. Go for it. This was two days ago. This morning before I had to go to work, I figured we could have pancakes that she would make for me (see how that works?). So “we” got hard at work making them and getting them ready.

We should have known almost immediately – and thinking back, we kinda did – that they were going to taste like crap as we were cooking them. They just didn’t cook the same, you know? They looked like crap. Like, literally. Like someone had a “runny day” over the skillet or something, which was not aided by the fact that we put chocolate chips in them. Anyway. We sit down to eat them and sure enough they taste as bad or worse than they look. It was like eating stale, past-its-prime sawdust or something. It was bad.

What was worse that The Girl informed me she had had worse. I couldn’t believe such a thing existed and
demanded she tell me where the hell she’d had pancakes worse than these. Turns out?

She had eaten wheat flour pancakes
recently at a restaurant with some friends. Which really makes me wonder… if she’s had wheat flour pancakes before, and knew they sucked, why would she decide we need wheat flour for our pancakes? I do not have an answer to this question.

Color me perplexed.

Sigh. I know where
Zoey gets it, I guess ;-)

A Good Onion
I have known about it for some time, but I rarely make time to stop by and take a gander at all the wonderful “news” items they have available.

I am referring to The
Onion News Network. Check out the videos. They’re a riot. Especially nuggets like this one. And This one. And so on; you get it.


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