Friday, April 18, 2008

Sick, Movie, & The Mighty Dollar

F**CK! I’m sick!

I worked my arse of last night at work (of all places to do such a thing), and started feeling rather run-down as the night progressed. I hoped it was just that the long day had taken its toll on me, as I had gotten up early to take the dogs out, then gotten home and began a vigorous shoulder workout, then cleaned myself up to go to work and dog myself there, too.

Secretly though, I feared I was getting what
The Girl was giving to me. B*tch.

She had started to feel ill a few days ago, and I tried to keep my distance. But I’m a man, and nature calls us on occasion, sick or not. Damn my lover ways, next thing I know I’m sick too. What a way to ruin a weekend off. Damn that woman; she’s such a giver.

Across the… the… LIVING ROOM!
Since The Girl is not feeling all that well, she decided to get her shift covered tonight. Since I’m off too and not feeling all that great myself, we’re going to sit back, relax, eat ice cream and watch a movie. On the agenda? Across the Universe. The reviews have been all over the map, with some calling it a masterpiece, and it looks a little odd. What the heck though, right? Netflix is workin’ OK, so I figure that we’ll put it on the queue, and see what happens. Maybe it'll be the next Shawshank.

I’ll be sure to report back to all the people that don’t read my blog anyway so you won’t know how the movie is.

More Proof The Mighty Dollar owns our Gov’t
Here’s a nice link to a blog post on the cosumerist that summarizes the state of personal taxes and corporate taxes now, years past, and into the future.

Hey these are figures BY the government; I’m not making this sh!t up.


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