Saturday, April 26, 2008

Marathon Workout, People-Watching, & The Apocalypse

Made it!

So I made it through the “marathon workout” session I had planned. It wasn’t that bad once I got going actually, not as bad as I had imagined it might be. Sh!t I might actually try to incorporate it into my regular routine; sure it takes an extra hour of actual workout labor, but it frees up a little bit of “frictional” time it takes to get ready and then get “un-ready” after I finish for the second of the two workouts, so it actually saves me time if I can get away with it.

Problem is, there’s not really any I can combine except for the ones I combined for this. So it would save me a day. But still, even if I don’t do it often, it’s nice to know that I can schedule it and get away with it.

Almost didn’t Attempt it
I almost didn’t even attempt the “marathon workout.” I didn’t feel too good when I got home. Felt that maybe afer all I would have to push it all back; perhaps I was still too sick to get into it this hard this fast. Well I took a small nap outside in the sun, and then decided to go ahead and try. What the hey, I figured, I could quit if I started feeling worse.

Luckily I started feeling better instead. Yes!

Note on being sick
I have been not 100% since I started feeling crap-tastic® last week around this time, but the last few days have been kinda weird: my sinuses are draining, and suddenly I notice that one of my top-right teeth kind of hurts me when I run/jog/bounce. I am not sure what’s going on, I think it could be related to the cold… I think the sinus cavity drains over the roots of the top row of teeth, right? I think that maybe I’m just backed up right around there. Hopefully it drains OK and everything is Jake.

Because I really don’t want to go to the dentist for jack sh!t. Really.

I was actually without internet @ The Girl’s work
It was a rare occasion, but I sat so far away from the source of their “free wi-fi” that I simply didn’t get a strong-enough signal to get online.

Which meant no “mobile porn.” Damn.

People-watching doesn’t seem to be working for me
Every time I think that I’m beginning to be something worthwhile physically, I look around and see tons of guys far beyond me. This is frustrating. Especially seeing as how I just got through with a “marathon workout” session (see above, and see yesterday’s post). Dang it, it just seems that after so much hard work, I’d be further along than this. Not that I’m a nothin’ mind you, but I’m definitely not quite a something either. I’m in this funky in-betwixt area, where I’m so glad I’m not what I was, yet not really much closer to what I want.

What do I want? The body on the front of the product packaging for "
The Perfect Pushup." Which I see daily. And am irritated by daily.

Sign of the Apocalypse
OK Reno, NV has been rocked by over 100 “aftershocks” over the course of a two-month period. Or since Friday. Hard to tell for sure as the editorial staff at the end of that link sorta sucks.

And furthermore, some of the “aftershocks” have been more powerful than the original quake. So the officials are warning Reno to brace for the worst, because contrary to everything they know – much like every related occurrence thus far – they think that maybe these are “preshocks” or something.

What’s kind of amusing is that is everyone’s fear when they feel an earthquake: everyone is then wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, waiting with their luggage packed so that they can flee when the next, larger, earth-destroying quake comes in a few minutes. Which hasn’t happened thus far that we know of in history, but yet which the officials are warning Reno to do. And hey, I agree – crap guys, this May be the beginning of the apocalypse. Duck.


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