Thursday, May 1, 2008

Headache, Zoey's Foot, & Gone Baby Gone

F*cking f*ck this f*cking headache is killing me
I am now on day four of this damn throbbing headache. No creatine yesterday! May not be the culprit. Whatever it is though, is pissing me the hell off. Four days. FOUR DAYS! No workout today though. Just in case it’s a “sick” thing instead of truly a “headache” thing. You never know.

Zoey cut her foot real bad
We took the dogs out to the local delta yesterday. All was well until we got ready to leave. We took a few steps from where we were sitting, and I turned around and noticed she was now limping, and her paw was covered in red. Let me tell you:

A 40lb dog is not really all that heavy. A 40lb dog you have to carry ½-mile is a freaking lead ton. She had sliced her foot on something – I am not sure what – and was bleeding bad enough. It obviously hurt, so I opted to be the goody daddy and carry her back, so that it would alleviate her pain and also keep the wound clean. Well,

I had to stop a few times, though. Take a breather.

It was a clean cut. She got herself on something sharp, I would suspect glass except I saw none from where we were to where she was cut. But she cut her main pad, took off a piece about ½-inch long and ¼-inch deep. Hanging on by a thread. I figure that it’s going to fall off, because there’s so little holding it on at the moment, but we left it there just in case it ‘fuses’ back. Right now it lies cleaned, neosporined, and wrapped.

I actually expected her to throw a fit about having her foot wrapped. She’s been OK with it. Surprising. Hopefully she recovers quickly, because I have no plans to take her out until she’s 100% in that regard. Will probably be a while though.

Gone Baby Gone
Watched this last night. It’s not too bad! I rather liked the movie itself, though the whole premise about it is really a question of whether the means justify an end. In the case of the plot line of this movie, I think I would have left well-enough alone, where the main character could not. I’m not going to say too much about it. It’s not going to bring a tear to people’s eyes as they contemplate the new direction of cinema that this film did not bring to Hollywood. It’s not going to make the AFI’s top 100. But it’s good. I’d say it’s easily B+ material, almost maybe an A, but not quite.

The lead actor is a man named
Casey Affleck. As you may have guessed, this is a relative to Ben Affleck. His younger brother, to be precise. And let me tell you, you can tell. They look quite similar. To me, Casey looks like Ben probably looked when he was 20 or something. He’s got that kid-face going on, you know what I mean?

Anyway, worth checking out. Despite its morbid premise, I found that I burst out in laughter at a few spots. I was the only one to do this, which made me quite glad we rented it instead of going to a theatre. Apparently my humor is a bit off. I knew this already, but the audience might have been a little disgusted. F- ‘em.


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