Monday, May 5, 2008

Another BBQ Tip, Movie Night, & Zoey Goes Out

Barbeque tip #2

OK so last time we talked about how using brown paper bags seems to work better than newspaper, right? OK so here’s another tip I discovered.

It was one of those “hey, I think I am on to something” moments. I tore off the top half of a brown paper bag to light the barbie, and this part when open looks like a big brown donut, right? Well I crumpled it up like it was, and put it in there
like a small brown donut. The figuring was that this would keep the paper from snuffing out the flames below completely, allowing all the heat to hit the coals directly. See because now it’s a chimney all the way through, not a ceiling of paper and then a chimney.

Trust me, it works so very well; your coal will light so much faster & easier. Trust the ‘bob, OK? Give it a shot.

Dammit! I’m made a LIAR!
The Girl made me do it, OK? Not long after I posted the blog about waiting to see Iron Man on disc, she went and told me that we had two free tickets to the movies. Free. And, Tickets.

Of course now we have to go see
Iron Man. Tonight. :-D.

Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes. I will be ready a little afterwards. Iron Man and I will meet in person about an hour later. Oh Yeah, baby.

Zoey went OUT today!
Well I wanted to take Miles out today, and Zoey wasn’t limping around nearly as much, and I wracked my brain figuring out what we could do about it. Well I figured a trip to the beach would be OK. The sand would be forgiving on her foot, MIles could still do everything he does, and we’d get out of the house.

It worked wonderfully. So wonderful in fact, that Zoey was running around full-tilt. Yeah, limp at home, go full-bore on the sand apparently. She had fun! She even went so far as to go
swimming. Yeah, swimming. Zoey. Swimming.

So she’ll probably be a little sore later, but hey now she’s run off some energy and we know that she’s OK. Might have set her healing time back a day or two, but I would bet she thinks it was worth it.

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