Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Photos, Sunburn, & Cars (the Movie!)

New Photos up

I put up some new photos on the family pages as well as my favorites album. Of note is that newest chronologically are at the bottom. So uh, it’s entirely possible that if you don’t scroll down, you’ll never notice changes.

Why do I do it that direction? Because it seems to me that when you start a showing where time is a factor, you should start at the beginning, no? OK so it makes sense chronologically, but yeah it’s missin’ the mark as far as new visitors are concerned. Moral? You should be checking the albums with frequency.
Just in case…

Nice Day. Bad burn.
It always seems to play that way, and wouldn’t you know it today was not the exception that defines the rule.

We had to go shopping this morning first off, because we had been sustaining on peanut butter & jelly sandwiches & quesadillas for the last 3 days, and when we ran out of cheese & peanut butter yesterday, we knew we were kinda up the proverbial creek without the proverbial paddle.

So yeah. It was overcast this morning, and we thought that it was going to just be a day of general gloom, when all of a sudden around 11:30a, the sky just sort of opened up like Madden was behind a TelePrompTer somewhere screaming “
boom!” We decided that we’d take the opportunity to go to the beach with the puppies.

Well a nice day it was, and we sort of lost track of time and next thing you know, we’re burned.
She on her legs, me on my shoulders. Nice. Oh and that’s not all, either. I also managed to cut the bottom of my foot somewhere along the lines. It’s a nice slit, straight & smooth, so I must have found a piece of glass somewhere.

The foot I can bandage and not worry about. The burning, I think that’ll sting a bit, for a while.

We watched Cars last night. You know, that animated schtick by Pixar? Yeah that. Well it’s visually stunning, what they can do with animation these days (on a Mac!). But I must say that as cute as it was, it was almost too cute. I just found most of it rushed & corny. And what is up with Larry the Cable Guy? Can we like, fire him from life? He’s not funny. His character could have been dialed down like 10 clicks and it would have made the movie 10 clicks better, I think. It's over. get him done. Geezus already....

I hear Ratatouille is supposed to be great, too. I really really hope it’s not as corny as Cars was. C-.


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