Monday, May 5, 2008

Headache, Iron Man Reviews, Zoey's Foot update, & Cyclone woes

The Headache

Has gone. I gathered that it was not the creatine, but rather some serious sinus-cavity backup. I figured this because a few days prior to the headache I was having issues with my tooth aching, which I had hoped was a sinus/drainage issue and not a dentistry issue (because I loathe dentist trips even more than doctor visits). I noticed that as the toothache subsided, the headache began. Then they both started disappearing as my midnight breathing improved. So…

The Creatine
I’m went back on it. Going to give it a shot, see if my muscles just absolutely explode out from where they are. If I’m not ‘ahnold’ by July, then truly this stuff was a gimmick :-D

Zoey’s Foot Update
Well the foot wrap lasted just 24 hours from put on to stayed off. She lasted longer than we thought she would honestly, but eventually it was off. We figured that since she’s home-ridden until it’s better anyway, we’d see how she did with it off and not struggle about it. Well shortly after the wrap came off, so too did the little flap that was hanging on by a thread.

It seems to be healing well, though. She’s not really limping on it anymore, she’s still being cautious about it, but not overly so. In fact, we’re contemplating taking the dogs – that’s
both of them – to the beach later this afternoon. See I figure the beach is a great place to test her out; it’s soft & forgiving, and there’s really just not much there for her to hurt herself on. The only worry is sand in the wound, but it’s mostly sealed off now, and that’s just a wash away from being a never-ran thought, so whatever.

I wish I would have taken a picture of it when it happened or when we got home and cleaned it up, so that you could see the progress it’s made. Sorry though, wasn’t thinking of it at the time.

Iron Man
This movie has been on my must see list since I saw the trailer. It looked fun, and I knew it was going to be a Summer blockbuster, so I wasn’t overly-concerned with the plot premises being weak, which I totally expected. Well it turns out I needn’t have feared at all.

overall reviews for the film are far better than I had predicted. Now the trouble is trying to keep myself from having the “high expectations” mentality when I finally get around to seeing it. Which, of course, won’t be until it comes out on Blu-Ray. So, end of Summer?

Also looking forward to…
The Dark Knight. I hear that the teaser trailer in Iron Man is like 6 minutes long and has caused people to consider other religions, it’s so good. Which for me is actually enough reason to avoid Iron Man in the theatre. See I really really want to see The Dark Knight, and I have since I saw Batman Begins even. But I fear they’re hyping it too much (see “high Expectations”). Not only that, but they’ve gone so far with the whole Exclusive Trailer bit that I’m afraid I will have seen the whole movie by the time it comes out this Summer, and ends up on Blu-Ray this Winter when I will actually watch it.

Anyone else feel me on that?

Don’t f*ck with Cyclones/Hurricanes
Myanmar was recently hit hard, some are expecting the toll of dead to reach well over 10,000. WOW. That royally sucks.

But yeah, I’ll gladly take the occasional earthquake over the yearly thousands of dead and billions in rebuilding, thanks.

By the way, did you know that Cyclones & Hurricanes and whatnot are really the same thing? Just a different name depending on what ocean they stem from. Kinda weird. I know a lot of people that think that cyclones are something much worse than hurricanes. Nope!


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