Thursday, May 29, 2008

Working Out: Making Changes

Hopefully, thy time has come. Eth.

So those of you who know me that one of the things about myself that I have been most vocal about needing improvement in and active in tackling is my physique. Those of you who don’t know me and haven’t been reading along? Welcome to the party. It’s called “hate on random bob’s body,” and everyone’s invited.

It’s not that I’m some grotesque excuse for a man or anything, but I’ve always been far from what I would consider ideal. Well times, they might be a-changing.

The Girl had mentioned around the time that I had noticed it, that over the course of the last few months, I have gained quite a noticeable amount of size and definition. Size, and definition. Which plainly stated means that it’s not a matter of having gained unwanted weight, or a matter of losing unwanted weight; you can’t gain size and definition at the same time any other way than with an increase in muscle mass. This is good.

I have not been working out much different or harder, honestly. I have tried to stress form a bit more recently, but in all actuality, there’s really not that much different now from 4-5 months ago in regards to my workout. What’s changed?

Well, my age. I’m 4-5 months older. I’m that much closer to 30 is the real thing, though. Everyone always said that at 24 my metabolism would slow down and I’d get bigger. Well 28 years have gone by, and finally, I think that time has come for me; I think I’m at that stage where my body’s able to stock up on muscle a little easier than before.

I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, and I am certainly not going to be working out less any time soon. Oh no, I already have my workout routines mapped out through the beginning of this coming August! I’ll be busy. Hell, if it’s actually time for me to start growing now like I’ve been trying to for the last how many years (that would be 7 of them), then you can be assured I’ll probably be working out more now.

Just you watch.

Speaking of workouts…
For the next two weeks, I will be going light and repping out. I don’t do this often, not nearly often enough that’s for sure.

Yeah I’m going for bulk because for me definition comes naturally. But I still spend far too much time going for the heavier weights. It’s good to have that as my main thing, but I end up living there is the problem; it’s hard to talk myself into starting out light though on any given day; you feel like you’re wimping out.

BUT, for the next two weeks, I have planned to do it. I’ve already started, actually. And it feels good. It’s a different kind of feeling, and it wouldn’t feel so foreign to me if I did it as often as I should. Repping to 20 requires quite a substantial amount of weight less than repping to 8, but it feels like a much more ‘complete’ burn in the muscles. It’s feeling pretty good, and I really think I should have done this sooner. Oh well, sooner rather than later, right? It’s going to work out well for me. I think it’s a good thing to do, and I think it was long overdue.

If you’re a workout buff, and like me you find it hard to get into lighter-weight workout sessions? Get over it. Pick up those light guys, and rep out until you can’t lift your arms. You’ll be more pumped than usual, and though you might not be as sore the next day as with a heavy weight workout, but it’ll train you up in ways that you couldn’t achieve on your heavy days.

It’s working for me, is what I’m saying.


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