Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Photos, & Learning Japanese

New Photos posted

I’m still trying to figure out how to manage my photo pages more succinctly. I don’t want to have a 100-link-long list of galleries on my photo pages, so I need to manage them in such a a way as to rotate them through. The only trouble for me is that once I delete a gallery, the links in the blogs & whatnot that point to them are kinda not right, so people finding those links after the fact might end up in some funny places.

But anyway, that’s my worry, not yours, so if you’d like, you can (if you read this before the gallery expires)
click here to see pics from a recent trip to the Elk River Delta. Enjoy.

Learning Japanese
One thing that I dislike about the whole dojo think & jujutsu is that it forces you to learn japanese. They teach you in your native tongue, you learn in your native tongue, but then they force you to remember the commands in japanese. I don’t get it.

Why? To prove you’re devoted? Hey f*ck you, I’m paying you my hard-earned money every month to learn jujutsu, isn’t that proof enough of my devotion? Hell, I’m paying you to learn jujutsu, right? Not a foreign language.

But hey, I’m not in a position to argue. So I guess learn I must. BUT, if I ever get to the point where I’m teaching people the art, I am damn sure doing it in english. I think I teach much better in that language anyway. It is my primary language, after all.


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