Monday, May 19, 2008

The Prestige, & more specifically Ms. Johanssen

Rewatching The Prestige

One of the flicks we got as part of our “Thanks for buying a Blu-Ray Player” promotion wherein we got to choose 5 free movies was The Prestige. It’s that magic movie staring Christian Bale & Hugh Jackman. Oh, and Scarlett Johansson is in it as well. More on her later, though.

I like the film a lot. The first time I saw it, I gave it an
A- I believe. Of course that was opening month two years ago, and time as since marched on. Perhaps I wouldn’t view it with such lovingness this time around? Eh, we own it now so we might as well watch it. And we did.

It’s still a good movie. I think it’s still deserving of
A- status, too. But this time I did notice two plot points – two very, very important plot points that the film hinges on – that were kinda wimpy.

The first is the damn Knot. There’s question as to what knot was tied onto a magician at one point that they couldn’t get out of. The question is asked of the knot-tie-er, what did they tie? Well the answer, which is actually a small hint to the plot twist, is “I don’t know.” But, uh, couldn’t you just look at the knot? If it wasn’t untied, then it’s still there. Look at it. No need to ask.

The second is at the very end. We’re supposed to believe that one of the characters is dead, and another person is on trial for his murder. However, he is revealed to at least two main characters. And yet no one – not even the person most able to convince the court – say anything that could free the person on trial from a death sentence.

Still though, it’s a very entertaining movie. Especially the first time you watch it, when you have no idea what the two secret plot twists – yes, two of them – are until the very end.

Maybe when she was a youngin’
They say Scarlett Johansson is like Hollywood’s most beautiful woman. I disagree. I think she used to be pretty cute a handful of years ago, but in that time she’s blossomed into something not as cute as she used to be. The lips are too pouty, the curves are too rigid, the makeup is 8 layers too deep… you get it.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but it did. I remember watching her in
Lost in Translation, and then again later in In Good Company. She was cute, I thought.

Not so much anymore. Sorry. No offense, Ms Johansson. I’m a nobody anyway, right? So don't sweat it, my lady.


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