Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Day of J's: Juno & Jujutsu


So we had time yesterday to pop Juno in and give it a go-around. You know, it’s that movie that has a young high school girl getting pregnant, and shenanigans ensue. No, not Saved!, that movie was funnier. This is the less-funny version.

It’s not bad, and I think it could have actually
been better than Saved!, if only it had lost a little bit of the “edgy” dialogue in lieu of some more refined dialogue. See, I get that they’re young and all, and they maybe talk a little different, but it felt like the characters were forcing crap to escape their gums; it had no flow. It was not believable. I do not expect my 7-11 clerk to tell me my “Eggo is Preggo.”

And see the whole premise is that this young girl acts more mature than her age would imply. Except that damn language! She manages to sound like a 9 year-old that watches too much Nickelodeon in the most inappropriate of spots. Like meeting the family she’s going to let adopt her kid. That whole scene needed to be reshot, minus the schtick, in my opinion.

But hey, I say it wasn’t bad still. Those are just where they could have improved it some. It’s OK. I don’t see it as the dark horse of the year or anything though. It was an ‘alright’ flick that got maybe even more coverage than it deserved, I thought. I give it a
B-. Hey I’m a generous soul.

Ah yes, before the movie began, there was that; jujutsu. I had mentioned signing up for this before, right? Well last night was ‘the night,’ as it were. I got to go go my first class, and look like a royal ass and make “HEE-YAA!” sounds all over the place, and generally accomplish nothing, whilst still being sore to show for it.

Ought to be fun!

I’m not actually that sore, except for a spot on my hip joint that I could feel popping over and over again on a specific move we were learning. The Move? “The Samurai Walk.” The use? Looking silly. No really, that’s it. I hurt myself on a maneuver designed to make you look silly.

Could maybe be why I didn’t like Juno as much; perhaps I was too busy looking at all the characters, thinking “I could totally juju his ass to hell.”

Hey I can’t help it anymore; I’m now a highly-trained death machine.


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