Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July, & what it means to be "Patriotic"


Hope you had a wonderful 4th (you Americans, you)
I lounged, slept, and then…. Got up and went to work. Yeah, I had to work on the evening of the 4th. Yeah, it sorta sucked, since it was such a beautiful day outside. Perfect day for barbecuing, wouldn’t you know.

Work makes me question being American
The soundtrack for today could easily have been “songs that sell out America for monetary gain.” I know that it’s supposed to be patriotic, but really? It’s just annoying as hell. One thing I loved about it was the way that these high-priced, hoity-toity Country singers sing about being on the “front lines,” “fighting for America’s Freedom” and stuff. You know, as if; “as if” they were actually anywhere near the front lines. “As if” they were anywhere close to fighting anything except the alarm clock at noon in a soft cozy bed.

Motherf*cker, don’t try to sell me a song about how much a hero you are and how much fighting for America you’ve done; all you’ve picked up is a guitar and a paycheck. F*ck off.

Another thing I loved: A song about how New York is stronger than the terror around us. Oh. My. God. Did you --
did you just try to make a buck off the dead & wounded in the 9/11 attacks? Oh my god, you did. Oh my god. I feel like I may throw up a little bit.

WOW. So let me get this straight: We’re all very American, so long as we buy your guys’ CDs, right? Yeah I think that’s about the message: USBC. United states of Blind Consumers, that’s us now I guess.

I’m sorry, but wake me up when being patriotic doesn’t require buying a whole bunch of sh!t that’s made in China every year.


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