Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Netflix Rox

While there is the occasional hiccup, for the most part we’ve been big fans of Netflix since we joined. We’re in the midst of a good example of ‘why’ over the course of the last two weeks. Right now, we have two discs, one we received a couple of days ago, and one that was received last week sometime. We haven’t had a chance to watch either as I’ve closed every night since then and we don’t plan to be able to watch until tomorrow at the earliest.

Two weeks ago, we were without Netflix-supplied entertainment and had to walk across to the video store on the corner. Not a big deal and there’s definitely something to be said for the immediacy of it, but after we got through watching movie (Invincible, which I’ve yet to critique), we let it sit for a damn week on our mantle. It just sat there. Didn’t do anything. The place isn’t that far away, but it’s not something we frequently remember to do. It’s not a trip we make often enough to think about.

So it just sits there. And a week later, we finally say “sh!t we just got hit with a late fee” and have to take the damn thing back.

Netflix? Nope. See, it’s a great idea. I pay a fee for a service, and I’m limited in that service’s utility by when I return them. Which is as easy as putting it in my mailbox. I don’t have to remember much else.

There’s not some large financial penalty for letting them sit a week like we currently have. It’s just there for us, on our terms. Which is really cool.

Well OK technically it’s their terms, but they’re pretty darn close to the terms we’d have made up so we’re still cool.

What movies do we have? Jumper & The Golden Compass. I added Jumper before I knew it sucked and forgot it was there, so please? C’mon, don’t rib me.


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