Sunday, July 27, 2008

Avoiding Canon Elphs like the PLAGUE they are

Do yourself a big favor and just avoid the Canon SD1000 and the like. You know, as much as I enjoyed my old Canon Digital Rebel DSLR, I cannot say it’s been all fun & games with their Elph-Series Cameras. Let’s see, what’s the toll been?

First I got my
Canon SD870. It had issues with it not selecting the right ISO & Shutter speeds when zoomed at or above about 70%. Sent it back.

Then I got a Canon SD1000 for myself, similar (except in color) to the one I had gotten for
The Girl for her birthday. Peachy, right? I wish! No, not long after I had it, it developed a “Lens Error” that prevented it from opening. As I was contemplating sending it back a few days later, the problem seemed to self-alleviate. OK fine, I can deal with a strange anomaly, right?

Well, then The Girl’s camera
did the same thing. It also self-rectified, but it did it too. So now we’re cautious about it...

Last week The Girl had to send hers in for warranty service. Because the camera had forgotten how to focus. It just wouldn’t do it unless it was zoomed in. Like, I wasn’t even a false focus, where the camera says “OK we’re good” but we’re not; no, the camera would look at the scene, then beep at us like “yeah, sorry, you know, I just can’t see it.”


Well now yesterday, mine developed another Lens Error. Except that this time, the thing’s not going IN. It’s stuck out, and it’s not even trying to budge.

Seriously, I think I’ll try to get
Amazon to take it back and pick up a Panasonic or something else. Something. This has been utter bullsh!t.

So really, if you’re considering a Canon SD1000 or one of its siblings… don’t. Do yourself a huge favor, and stay away. I hear Casio makes some good pocket cameras. Didn’t they used to make watches or something? Yeah. Anyway, don’t. You’ll be sorely disappointed.

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