Monday, July 7, 2008

OK, NEW Name for the Dogs

Picture 1
Did I say Kilo & Chase? Yeah, sorry. Make that Hunter & Chase.

Pretty fitting, too! We went out to the river today to hang out and play a little. Chase, the black Lab, is very into chasing something that’s thrown, up-to-and-including-and-especially in the water, much like my dear Miles. The brown Lab, Hunter, isn’t as keen on jumping into the water and fetching things. He’s more land-based, and likes to hunt things down. Flies, moths, birds as we experienced yesterday (he was the mastermind behind that plot). Not that he fears water or avoids it, he’s just not as gung-ho into it like Chase & Miles. See the pic for the Proof!

So yeah,
Hunter is what we decided to go with. Their names seem to suit them well thus far, too. We’ll have to see how it develops.

Search for the Owners
We did make some more phone calls today. We also took them into the Vet clinic, have them scanned for a microchip, too. They came up empty though(yay us!).

There. Now no one can accuse us of not having done the responsible thing. Now please leave us alone as we acclimate our new puppies :-)

All you Nay-sayers
About 90% of the people I’ve told about our new dogs have replied with ‘are you insane’ or something of that nature.

No, we’re not insane. We like animals. And it’s not as though we have 4 dogs like your neighbors had 4 dogs, in that there’s 4 large, pooping, crazy, uncontrollable beasts running around digging up holes and doing the aforementioned pooping on everything in the house.

Even the new guys, they got it down. We’ve got 4 under-control, potty-trained, well-behaved family members who happen to be furry. It’s fun! We take the dogs out and hang out at the river, they play. We throw sticks, they fetch. We swim, they swim with us. When we’re at home, they hang out, sometimes ask to be petted, but mostly just relax with us and wait to go out again.

It’s not as crazy as it seems. Really. We’ve got the situation in-hand. Srsly. Don’t compare our 4-dog-situation to your “Crazy Aunt B’s” 4-dog-situation. Totally different, really. We got our dogs under control. In our house, the poeple are the masters, not the dogs. We’re good. Thanks for the concern, but hey, we’ve got it handled. Beatings at 11.


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