Monday, July 28, 2008

Movie: I Am Sam

Before we begin: No, this is not the first time I’ve seen the movie, dammit. Not even close. This is at least the second time :-P

But what a great movie. It’s really one of those movies that I would say deserves the highest of grades. How good is it? I’m a man. Or at least I play one on the internet. But, damn! I can’t stop crying, from beginning to end. Yeah it’s sappy, but the point is that you’re experiencing life through this guy’s limited perspective. And you know what? It’s a big world. It’s a big,
scary world. It’s a big, scary world, and that’s the basic consensus from normal, average-intelligence adults. So imagine this same world through a character’s eyes such as Sam.

I’m not totally alone on this, but I do admit that I’m clearly
in the minority in liking this movie. I’m not sure why that is, normally I’m pretty spot-on with the critical consensus, but what the f*ck ever – it’s a good movie with lots (lots) of emotion, and very well-played parts from all of the cast members. Dakota Fanning is too damn cute for her own good; I hope her family is having her watched 24/7. And Sean Penn? WOW. Let me just say this: the first time The Girl saw this movie, she thought that Sean Penn was actually retarded. You know, like in the same fashion that my little brother thought dinosaurs were still alive the first time he saw Jurassic Park. Same thing. Without the scales.

And hey, before I go, let me say this: If you’re a fan of the Beatles music, and you’d just
love to see a movie that is composed totally of Beatles Songs that have been covered by someone else… totally avoid Across the Universe, and just watch I Am Sam. Better covers, better acting, a real story, no corny musical acts, and the songs, they are sung by actual singers, which is a far cry better than anything that could be said about Across the Universe. Seriously. In between all my damn crying while I watched I Am Sam, I kept thinking to myself “you know, I love the Beatles, I love movies, and I cannot fathom why anyone would ever choose Across the Universe over I Am Sam. Unless they hated themselves or had some sort of death-wish.

So: I Am Sam? Give it the
Good Ol’ A. And manage to knock Across The Universe again too. Two birds, one stone.

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