Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vacation Approaches, & The Hounds of Hell

Yay Me!
I start vacation in about 4 days. Yes, starting Thursday, I have 9 days off in a row. This is monumental. I haven’t had an actual “vacation” since I left the Military in 2001. Sure, I took a week here and there to travel up to here for interviews and whatnot, but that wasn’t really “vacation” so much as it was “different work.” Now though, I get to kick back and relax. For the first time since 2001. WOW.

Everyone keeps asking me “where are you going?” heh. Look, I live here by choice. Where am I going? To bed. Really. I’m not trekking anywhere, because simply, there’s nowhere else I’d rather go. I live in my perfect vacation spot.

Must Kill the Dogs
Last night The Girl got home slightly before I, and found at her feet two dogs who had mortally wounded our indoors. They had gotten into our hall closet and took out some clothes to play with, and also found a bag of books that were destined for Good Will. Since of course dogs don’t read (They prefer TV), they decided to put the books to use some other way. And since they are Labradors, that ‘way’ was oral destruction. Books, books, everywhere. Yay!

Actually I should probably be more specific: Pieces of books, pieces of books, everywhere! Yay!

That wasn’t bad enough though. They also managed to get into the entertainment center cabinet which has – I should say
had – The Girl’s old photo albums. You know, before she got wise and went digital and sh!t. So Bobby Two-Face & Auntie Em are toast now. As are a few magazines we had next to the couch, oh and a Haynes Manual for The Girl’s Tundra, as well.

It’s seriously like night & day with these two. When we’re home they’re perfect little angels. When we’re gone, it’s as if they’re the Hounds of Hell sent here to destroy or something.

Last night I even tried calling the answering machine and telling them to behave. Apparently, they didn’t get the message.

In looking for a decent “Labrador” link, I read multiple times that you should put your dog into a little crate when you’re away. Wha…?

Look it may be easier for
you, but I feel that it borders on cruel to put a dog into a little cage. What better way to tell them you love them, eh? Locking them up in a little box.

I fail to see how being locked in a box is somehow the answer to a hyperactive breed. Dolts.


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