Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Impetus to Move: Round Table, & The Dark Knight talk

OK it’s settled; we have to move SOON
The Round Table Pizza near my work has far superior pizza than the one by my current home. This cannot stand. It is a situation that must be rectified, and soon. We must move. Now.

More people I talk to…
Seem to agree that something important was missing from The Dark Knight. The stories were a little too muddled, too much was going on, and it left you feeling as though you had no real connection to the characters.

Though I do seem to be the only one that I know that really grasped the idiocy of the whole Joker Plan Thing
®, as I like to call it. You know, that whole thing where The Joker planned each & every thing that happened, even the things he couldn’t have planned or known. That ‘Thing.’

I am starting to wonder how the
reviews got to be so good. I think more & more that the first one was definitely the better of the two.

Also: A friend of mine pointed out that the Bank manager in the opening? His name is “Edward Nigma.” E. Nigma. Enigma.

Batman fans will understand.


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