Sunday, July 27, 2008

Three Weeks: Thoughts on the New Dogs' Perosonalities

So now that we’ve had the dogs a good three weeks, I thought I’d throw in some of my observations thus far with regards to their budding personalities. I mean, they are two different dogs, brothers or not, right? Right.

Things I think I prefer about Chase over Hunter:
Chase is of course black, like the ever-venerable Miles. He is also much more into getting into the water to give chase to something than his brother, much the way that Miles is game to chase something down if it involves getting wet. In fact, Miles so much as prefers water chase. You can almost touch his desire to crawl into the water for something. Chase is going to be that way too, I think, whereas Hunter’s more into land-based pursuits. He’ll crawl into the water, but he’s not nearly as gung-ho as his brother when it comes to the water; Hunter is content to let them get wet whilst he stays dry. Chase also seems to be more a people person than Hunter. Not that Hunter’s an outcast or weary of human contact. Actually, Hunter came right up to me when I first found them, where Chase actually needed a little more coaxing, but still – Chase seems more interested in what I’m doing at any given moment than Hunter does. Like he just cares a little more to be close to his people at all times.

Things I Think I prefer about Hunter over Chase:
Hunter’s more independent, like the ever venerable Miles. Miles doesn’t care about this or that or that some dog is barking; he’s not going to give in to peer pressure or fear something just because another dog does. Nope. With the exception of the water, he’s very much more curious and adventurous than his brother. The first time we started the vacuum, Chase got some distance to see what was up, in case it tried to eat him. Hunter though, saw that I was holding it, and concluded that if I was holding it in my hands it couldn’t be that bad. And thus he was just curious about it rather than scared about it. Of course now both of them are fine with it, and Chase doesn’t care any more than his brother, but that initial “whoa just hold on a minute” was confined solely to him. Hunter’s more like a smart person, whereas Chase is a smart dog, if that makes sense.

Things I’m still on the fence about:
I cannot decide who’s the more affectionate of the two. I know I said that Chase seems more into whatever it is that I’m doing, but Hunter’s much more excitable when I am doing something. If I run around the house, he’s much more waggy than his brother. He also likes to wallow on me more than Chase, as well. However, when he gets his petting time, he sort of eventually decides when it’s over and goes on to other things. Chase though, when petting time comes for him, he’s very attached to it. He will not call quits on the session, preferring to stay put and accept as much attention as you’ll lay upon him; and the look is one of “thank you, Daddy. I… I love you… I really love you… Do you love me?” Hunter’s look is different. It’s not less loving, just different. Chase looks at you with his eyes and his feelings, but Hunter seems to want to get into your soul. There’s no tinge of sadness or the evacuation of sorrow like his brother; just soulful content.

They’re both affectionate, but just in different ways.

What it means in regards to Miles:
Miles is very much Super Dog. And even more to his credit, it seems as though it is going to take two dogs to equal One Miles. He’s the soulful, content go-getter that’s not afraid of nothin’, smarter than some people I’ve met (and some I’ve been related to), willing to wallow on occasion, but independent enough to spend some time alone and be OK. Yeah, he loves chasing the ball into the water, but c’mon, it’s just a ball, and sometimes, he just figures that since he did the work, it’s his ball and he’ll do with it as he pleases. Maybe he won’t bring it back, maybe he won’t chase it. He’ll decide thanks.

I wanted to eventually have an exact replica of Miles; it seems as though that might never be a possibility. I guess I’ll have to settle for two half-replicas.

As if that’s really settling much, right?

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