Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Doggy Gallery

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The Albums
Just real quick, I put up a new gallery of images today. Nothing too major, but I figured that since we’ve had our new kids for about two weeks now, they probably deserve to have some images of themselves up on the ‘bob’s website, no?

So yeah, take a stroll on over there. I put some up
celebrating their arrival, and I also put a couple of pics of them up in the Family Album as well. Enjoy!

The ensuing question: answered
The easiest way to tell people who have owned labradors from those who haven’t: People are going to see those pics, and the ones who haven’t had Labs are going to scream bloody murder “why do they have those horrible-looking collars on!??!?!

Those that have had Labs? No comment, because they know the answer: Labs are as focused & stubborn a breed as they come. They won’t even notice that collar as it is. Anything less, and you just get pulled into bad situations, am I right? Seriously. If you want them to pay attention to you when you’re trying to give them commands or keep them safe from harm… a proper training collar is absolutely necessary.

I once read a book about the dogs. They were talking about how to keep them from running around and getting into trouble. One thing they talked about was an electronic collar that goes with an electronic perimeter. If they cross the perimeter, they get jolted. Well apparently, when they do installs for Lab Families, it’s typical for them to come back and put
two collars on the dog. Because with just one, the dogs decide to just keep going anyway.

Now leave me alone.


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