Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Beautiful Day @ the River

Picture 1

As I had mentioned in yesterday’s blog that no one read, we both had today off, and decided well in advance that it would be a great day to take the dogs out somewhere fun for the all of us. In the middle of last week we had ventured out to Blue Lake under the instructions of some friends of hers to hang out at the river. Well we didn’t quite know what to expect and thus didn’t have the right equipment for the journey (not to mention getting lost because their directions SUCKED), and we didn’t spend all that much time there. It was nice once we found the place, but we were in flip-flops expecting easy access, and we should really have had shoes and been ready to cross the river a few times.

Well anyway, this time we knew what we were in for, and packed accordingly. Brought my trail running shoes which are great because they drain fast so I don’t mind wading across the river in them, and we brought enough snacks & towels and bears oh my! To be fully prepared for a good portion of the day to be spent out there.

It was a great day. It was beautiful, it really was. The sun was out, there was the slightest cool breeze, the water was a nice temperature, and we had some good sunscreen (to good, it turned out). We hiked along the river for a while, making a few crossings here and there as the dogs frolicked in the water and along the riverside.

Once we found where we wanted to camp out, we got ready, got lathered up in sunscreen, and proceeded to alternate between falling asleep and playing with the dogs. I’d have slept more, but the dogs were very in to being entertained, and at times annoyed the hell out of us by whining for attention. Geez,
we’re at a river alone, go and entertain yourselves, alright?

They did get the hint eventually, and we just sat around and occasionally got to watch some canoeurs go by, and threw sticks & rocks for the dogs. Heh, get this: at one point,
Miles was so bored that he decided to chew on a rock. I am not kidding. Thought I’d share that odd doggy gem. Now, moving on...

The only downsides to the day were that a) it ended too soon, and b) that sunscreen was too damn good and even though we laid out for some 4 hours, we didn’t get any color. Bummer. By the way, if you need good sun protection, I highly recommend Hawaiian Tropic! Apparently it’s got ninja sunblocking powers or some sh!t. Who knew? Not I.

Anyway, I got some great pictures of the puppies &
The Girl, so if you’d like to, you can mosey over to the Photos Page and check them out (along with all my other galleries). Or if you’re that lazy that you can’t go back to the top of the screen, here’s a link for you. And in case you want to stop by, I also added some of these images and others to My Favorites Album and The Family Album, too.


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