Sunday, June 22, 2008

Light & Sound Show at 11pm; Seating Limited

Lightning & Thunder & Bears, Oh My!
After we had finished watching that trifle of a movie called Chain Reaction the other evening, in which stupid happens and then keeps happening (hence the title), we decided to call it a night. It was getting late, and I was terribly tired as was The Girl, so we called it and let it be.

But actually, we did then get an entertaining show. As we crawled into bed, there began quite an impressive lightning & thunder display over yonder hills (this is where you imagine I’m pointing to
yonder hills). Or at least it sounded quite impressive, as our view was obstructed and I couldn’t actually watch it :-(

I mean, we
did get to see the light in the sky, but not the actual strikes or anything. But boy was that thunder monstrously deep. It was a deep roll of a tone of which I haven’t heard in many many years. Which isn’t to say that I haven’t seen any lightning in that time.

Back in So Cal, we would have our storms and lighting & thunder; I always enjoy the light & sound display, it’s always impressive. But the thunder we got down there was short and sharp; like a clap. What we heard last night was more like two worlds colliding (I have experience in that, apparently); it was deep & loud – enough that you felt it – and looooonnggg.

This was the first lightning storm we’ve seen since we moved.

As cool as it was, I just couldn’t actually stay awake for it. Despite the thunderous, um, thunder, I managed to fall asleep a few minutes into the show. But it was sweet while it lasted.

One show leads to another
As I said, the show started as we crawled into bed. Well with blinds pulled it’s not much of a show, so we opened the blinds and fell asleep with them like that. Which would be fine if our house was a normal house in a normal tract, but it’s not. It’s a dinky square that bedroom windows face the neighbors, a big home that’s since been converted into a Realtor’s business. This happens to be the same obstruction that hindered our actual viewing of said show, by the way. Damn neighbors...

So anyway, I awoke around 7:30am to find that it was f*cking bright in the room, but that I couldn’t do anything about it. Because I sleep in the buff, and it’s kind of impossible to pull the blinds down without giving the neighbors a show, you see.

Hey I’m not shy or anything, but I’m not going to strut it around for the neighbors like that with purpose. At least not for free, anyway.

So I ended up just rolling over and getting bak to sleep. You know, one would have thought that I might have conceived of this scenario when I rolled the blinds up. You’d be right, but seriously, I was
that tired. I just fell asleep. And when the eyes start shutting, there’s little I can or want to do to stop it.

Know the feeling?

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