Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama Steps in the Wrong direction; My Solution

Now Obama’s aiming for the sh!t List
Heard the news that Obama is going to forgo public financing for his campaign and instead raise funds himself? This is not garnering him any points in my book, sorry. To me it seems he’s undermining the very essence of what he’s supposed to stand for.

Isn’t he about change for the better? Isn’t he speaking out against all that the republicans have stood for? Isn’t he “different?” I mean yeah, technically what he’s doing is “different” than what has been done by candidates in the past, but… This isn’t change for the better; it’s continuing in the wrong direction! Namely, “how much money does it take to win the presidency?” Or put more bluntly, “Who wants to buy me off?”

I’m not saying that I think
he himself is about to be ‘bought off,’ but he’s setting the stage for what the bushies have done to become just the way it is here on out, even into the presidential race. Which I think is a shame. How sad that a country that prides itself on being “for the people, by the people,” has really just sold its soul outright nowadays. They’re barely hiding it anymore.

Real Reform is Needed
It’s a real shame as far as I’m concerned, because it means the republican problem of power corruption has spread to our only other hope. This needs to be rectified, and if he were to win, I surely hope that Obama would be big enough to fix the system rather than just complain it’s broken.

Public Financing. The nation’s politics needs to be run with the nation’s funding. The FCC controls the airwaves, what needs to happen is that we mandate that all the candidates run ads in space that is equally divided, using only the funds set aside in the gov’t coffers for that occasion. The FCC regulates the TV, right? Well have each station have to run ads no matter what. Don’t give them any say – they want to exist, they have to participate in the way they best can, by reaching the masses. And what I’m proposing is FULL public funding, to the complete exclusion of private financing, even if personally done. There should be not a thin red cent allowed to be spent on the campaign of
anyone that is running for office (at least the Presidential position, though I’d love to see it applied to every federal seat). This ensures that no one is being bought off, and really makes the gov’t “by the people, for the people.” Because if they’re responsible to only us, if they owe their Presidency only to us, then they will perhaps answer to only us, since only us are paying their salary.

What a f*cking concept.

Because right now, it’s not “one person one vote,” it’s “one dollar one vote,” and that’s inherently not fair, seeing as how
1% of the population controls more wealth than the bottom 90% of hte population combined. They can afford to further segregate the rest of us from power, we cannot afford to do anything about it. We only have one vote still, because we can’t afford to play the dollar game… which means that we’re never getting an equal shake at things. Though we’ll suffer the fate of the fall, we have the least say in in the directions we sway.

Let’s hope
Obama’s Rhetoric only lasts until next January. If he’s going to change things, he needs to start immediately. The last eight years that the rich tycoons bought us have really not paid off well for the rest of us at all. We can’t afford this other guy getting into power.

New sidebar links
All things considered, I thought I should link off to some good news pages. They don’t always run with the crowd, but they’re honest & true (that’s the important part there). I mean, rosy, warm & fuzzy endings May sell well, but that’s not the reality of our situation; that’s not the bed we’ve made, you know? Anyhow, here’s the list for those too lazy to actually look to the right just a little bit:

Other Interesting reads on the subject of unfair wealth distribution
Here’s one from businessWeek, as well as two other links talking about the staggering numbers.

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