Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ICHC, & Sandal discomfort


What is wrong with ICHC
I think I may have linked there before once or twice, but have you heard of the website It’s a funny visit on occasion. The basic premise is that they take funny pics of cats and other animals (mostly cats) and then put funny captions on them. It’s pretty entertaining actually, so long as you don’t venture to actually read anything on the site.

I made that error today. I happened to click on one of the links when I saw that there were “comments” to the pictures (you know, like the comments to my blogs that rarely get used). I wanted to see what people had to say.

Talk about a mistake. Apparently, no one on that site has anything worth saying, because they are just so damn retarded as to assume that since the f*cked-up cat-language on the pics is funny-ha-ha, somehow it must also be cute when they post back and forth to each other like that, too. Uh, no guys and gals, it’s not. It’s f*cking pathetic. What the f*ck? Get a f*cking clue or how about a f*cking life?

God dammit, now you got me on a f-bomb rant. Sh!t.

Anyway, the answer to the question in the title is
The Users. The dumbasses that can’t just let a joke be itself, but have to keep it alive well past its natural expiration date. They’re what’s wrong with ICHC. Everyone that posts a comment there in some unintelligible caption-only language. It’s them. It’s cute on the pics, guys & girls, not so much when you try ridin’ them coattails.

Flip-Flops cause prostate cancer
OK I may be exaggerating a teeny bit. But nevertheless, the news truly blows. As you may know if you know me well, I’m a kick-back-in-sandals kind of guy. I like low-maintenance after all, and what’s lower-maintenance than walking into your footwear?

No footwear at all is the only correct answer, but that’s not practical everywhere, so hey, sandals win.

I don’t know what to do now. I mean, I could opt for the over-the-top type of sandals such as
these by Adidas, and in fact have tried them on, but… Well they don’t stay on my feet either, and since I cannot hold onto them to keep them on my feet they’re even less useful to me.

What I may have to do is to go back to using
hiking-type sandals. Only problem is that I have extremely narrow feet, and finding a pair that’s the right length for me (about 10 ½ to 11) yet adjusts down to the right tightness (about a size 9 ½ to 10) is impossible without spending like $100 on sandals. And I just can’t justify $100 for sandals that I will probably still not wear correctly, because it would take to long to put them on and go and then I might as well just put on some damn shoes at that point, right?

I need to just toughen up the bottoms of my feet again, and paint the tops to look like shoes.

Hey, it could work.


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