Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TV & Pixar Shorts

TV gets slightly better
Since the federally-mandated switch to digital is coming, I thought I’d give it a go and see if the local stations had improved their power/reception any since I went back to straight analog, blurry sh!t…

It was a good improvement. Where before we got like 3 of the 6 channels at best, now we are getting all of them. The programming is still SD programming, but at least it’s not fuzzy and we have all of it. Hey, at this rate maybe
Lost is in the cards again sometime! Not until next year mind you, as we’re so far behind on this season that I simply must rent it on BRD this Summer.

Though with the recent issues I’ve had with netflix, maybe I’m better off buying it. Ah hell…

Don’t think I won’t, either.

Pixar Short Films
If you have the chance to watch this… don’t. We have Volume 1 in our possession right now, and I can say that I had expected a few good laughs and some stuff I hadn’t seen before. There were no laughs really to have. And it largely just sucked. Well there was stuff I hadn’t seen before, but not in a good way. Let me tell you, Pixar was not even close to getting people correct in animation until the late 90’s. For real.

There was this clown at one point that sent
The Girl into convulsions.

This might have actually been the highlight of the film. I spent the rest of the night making her watch the clown (she hates clowns). And teased her about it. And kept mentioning it so that she would definitely,
definitely have bad dreams about it.

So of course we both had bad dreams about it.


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