Saturday, June 7, 2008

Republican Bashing

I say it all the time; the reason the Republicans are so powerful is no accident. They tend to yell louder than the Democrats, and speak in such a way as to imply irrevocable fact when in actuality it’s not. They take advantage of the Democrat’s more submissive nature, willing to try to see the other side and the way they will end a debate with a polite “Well I disagree.”

Then there’s the way they have polarized words. “Liberal” is considered in most countries to be a good thing. “Progressive” is typically a connotation of forward-thinking people. But not here, not anymore. Couple this with the Republican’s smart move to essentially remove the old FCC mandate to require equal time for opposite viewpoints, and you have what we have now: a war on Democracy. And it’s not just political topics that these things flare out, oh no, it’s an everyday thing.

It’s the way of the
Rush Limbaugh’s, and the Bill O’Reilly’s. I found this video posted over at owned. It’s kind of long, but man-oh-man is it a great example. Tear-down to follow video:

Did everyone catch that?

  • Bill did not attend the event. Yet he was very factual about everything, as though he was there for a first-hand account.

  • Bill took parts of the speaker’s comments and used them out of context to portray them as enemies of decency, despite the fact that their comments were merely construed in that way rather than being that way.

  • When given an alternate view from someone that was there – to include accurate quotes – he just wipes them aside as though they’re less relevant because they weren’t yelled out from someone like him, from his viewpoint.

  • When presented with a person who took his words from his own book that portray a similar sentiment, he lashed out as though this was some preposterous attempt to twist his words (perhaps it was even!)

  • Regardless, despite the fact that he was upset with having been taken out of context, he did not bother to try and accept that perhaps he was indeed doing the same thing in this very segment.

  • Though to everyone else that saw it it seemed as though he might have been put in his place, he went ahead and finished the piece as though he had “won” something and everyone that disagreed with him was not as intelligent and just plain wrong.

This is why the Dems Can’t win – it’s the reason the Indians lost this land – they’re fighting with knives and the Republicans are carrying guns. It’s just not a fair scene to be at.

Stop the Right-wingers. This is out of control; we don’t need
drug addicts lambasting everyone else that’s a drug addict as though they’re beyond reproach whilst everyone else is going straight to hell. It’s f*cking enough already.


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