Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin, & Misadventures in Doggie-handling

George Carlin Dead
Aw, how sad. He was a funny comedian, which I guess is a really good thing seeing as how unfunny comedians rarely last long, huh? He was to me always a very intelligent gent; I loved the fact that he focused so much on the importance we placed on words, rather than the actual issues.

Luckily, it wasn’t
due to a Sting Ray. I’m not sure I could have handled that.

Bad Dog!
I’m not sure who, but someone saw fit to piss all over the back of the 4Runner. We were on our way to the Elk River Delta, and when we got there, The Girl opened up to let them out, and let me in on the news… How sucky, huh?

When we left, I didn’t even bother to towel them before entry – a staple of our routine – because I knew when we got home that we’d have to do the whole bath thing. And with a mutt like
Zoey, I knew the irritation was just about to begin.

Good Thinking
Remember those $200 floor mats I got? Yeah those things are “tits,” as they say. Had I not had those things (or more precisely the one in the cargo area), the cleanup at home would have been nightmarish. Rather though, I just pulled it out, hosed it off, and left it to dry. Easy as pie.

$200 for floor mats seems like quite a bargain. Could you imagine the labor of having to clean the carpets after that? Or worse, the smell that would emanate when you didn’t get it all? And either the cost of professional cleanup or the corresponding loss in value? Yeah, those things were a great deal.


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